What is ESD products?

SoftwareNerds.co.uk is a reseller of software products as ESD products.

"But what is an ESD product you might ask?".

Let us try to explain here what exactly is meant by "ESD" and why it is exactly the same product you receive had you purchased the product on a DVD/CD, since ESD is just a characteristic of how the software product is distributed.

ESD is an abbreviation of either "Electronic Software Distribution" or "Electronic Software Download". ESD is therefore a solution devised by software producers, meant to allow users to download software products over the Internet (i.e. electronically). This approach comes as a counter-offer to the common practice of delivering the software on physical media (e.g. CDs, DVDs).

Usually, software products distributed electronically have the advantage of costing less than software distributed on physical media, due to factors such as the elimination of expensive storage space or of the time gap between order and delivery by regular mail.

Electronic Software Distribution and e-Commerce

ESD is a solution that greatly supports e-Commerce. It helps us get rid of ineffective shelf space and diminishes considerably the costs of having the products distributed on physical media.

One of the main advantages (and probably the most important) of this type of software distribution for us is that it offers you, the customer, permanent access to our software products, 24/7, regardless of time or place. Thus, software purchases can be made at any hour, from anywhere in the world, using only a valid credit card. This factor greatly influences our customer satisfaction.

Of course, ESD products must be properly promoted and customers have to be educated. We strive to inform our customers why an electronically delivered product is as good and reliable as one they would buy from a physical retail store. When you shop at SoftwareNerds.co.uk, you will enjoy the same rights and benefits (not to mention the security and support) as when buying a DVD/CD.