Verified by PayPal

PayPal verified, but what does that mean? is verified by the e-commerce service PayPal, and that means you can safely use PayPal as payment service upon the purchase of software products here at

In case you are not an accustomed e-shopper, or are unsure what "PayPal verified" means, we want to explain here both what PayPal is and what it means for you as a customer to pay via PayPal.


What is PayPal?

PayPal is an e-commerce service that transfers payments between buyer and seller in any form of e-commerce on the Internet - payments for goods and services, donations and so on. PayPal does not use a fixed commission like the banks do, but rather takes a percentage fee per transfer (NOTE, does not impose on you as a customer any fees in this context, we settle this fee upon payment via PayPal ourselves so that you as a customer don't have to).

A PayPal account is created by providing personal data such as name, physical address, email address and a credit card. PayPal is headquartered in the US, but users in the larger countries of the world can find a version of PayPal in their national language on the internet.

Another nice thing about PayPal is that you as a user can transfer or receive payments to/from others via email. The only thing you need to provide when paying using your PayPal account is an email address and password.

PayPal is a leader in secure online payments and makes it possible for buyers and businesses to send and receive money online. PayPal has over 100 million registered accounts in 202 countries and regions.


What does "PayPal verified" mean?

For, being PayPal verified means among other things that we comply 100% with the guidelines and requirements that PayPal places on us as a company and online store.

For you as a customer, the most important thing is PayPal's "Purchase Protection", which means that you can make secure purchases via

PayPal's "Purchase Protection" works as described below and is quoted directly from PayPal's own website:

"If you purchased something online that you do not receive, or which differs significantly from the seller's description, we can repay the full amount for the item, including shipping costs. Our purchase protection covers your purchases on the internet at any given website, as long as you pay with PayPal and the purchase meets the qualifying conditions."


What is covered?

Purchase of physical goods that can be shipped, as well as digital and non-material goods and services. It is a requirement that the goods do not violate the law. Here are some examples of situations where a product differs significantly from the seller's description: you bought a book, but received a DVD; you have purchased a new product, but received a used one; you receive tickets to a concert with a different band than the band you purchased tickets for; you bought three items, but received two; the product has been damaged during shipment; essential parts for the product are missing (which the seller failed to inform you about); or you have purchased a genuine brand, but received a copy. If the seller has described the item accurately, but you are not satisfied with it, the purchase is not covered by our purchase protection.


How does it work?

You must log in to your account and create a dispute within 180 days after the payment in order to make use of our purchase protection. Then, if you do not thereafter receive a response from the seller, or if you and them cannot agree on a resolution, you need to escalate the dispute to a claim within 20 days after you created the dispute. By escalating the dispute to a claim you are asking us to settle the matter. We investigate the claim and decide whether your purchase is covered according to our user agreement.


Account Security

You are not responsible if someone is misusing your account. You just need to report the incident within 60 days. This means that if someone else steals your account information and uses your account, we will refund the money you lose.