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Norton Security Premium - 10 Devices

Norton Security enables you to manage protection for all your Windows, Mac, iOS and Android computers/devices, covering 10 units in total and 25 GB of online storage space - in other words, you can also install Norton Security on your iPhone and iPad.

Symantec has made the installation of Norton Security extremely simple. You must enter your license key to install the first time, but thereafter you then log in to your Norton account online. From here, you can download the installation program to your Windows, Mac or Android computer/device and continue with a local installation and setup. You can also send an email to the device you want to protect. Whatever you do, the installation is as easy as snapping a finger.

Norton Security has now launched their "Virus Protector Promise". If Norton Security alone cannot remove a virus or other malware from your computer or device, then Symantec will set its help experts loose - at no extra cost.

In this small overview, we focus on Norton Security's ability to protect Windows devices. The Mac edition includes most of the same features, although it lacks the parental control and password management functions.

Virus and malware scanning

A complete scan of our standard test system took Norton Security about 30 minutes. We appreciate that Norton Security takes care of discovered malware immediately, without waiting for the scan to be completed. At the end of the scan the security program reported its results and asked what to do with a few low-risk elements.

The Norton Insight scan of your computer checks the installed programs on your computer and indicates which ones are reliable, good, untested, or inconsequential. For each file it also reports on the prevalence among Norton Community users and clarifies whether the program's resource consumption is low, reasonable or high. Another scan creates a diagnostic report that indicates any problem with your system. The scan also collects detailed information about your hardware, software, network connection, etc. This report can be useful if you find that you need to contact tech support.

Secures against fake websites

When you navigate onto search engines like for example Google to explore the Internet, then Norton Security is also of assistance with that. In addition to steering you away from fake and phishing-like websites, Norton Security adds small icons that indicate the security level of the search results, which are displayed by the search engine in question - it is the Norton Safe Search module that is active here. If the small icons outside some of the search results are not green, then you probably should not go in and visit that specific website - there may be a high risk associated with it. Just like McAfee Site Advisor, Norton provides a full report on why each site has gotten that specific assessment that is indicated for it.

You can also use Norton Security to run a scan on your Facebook wall to identify all dangerous links. For continued protection, you can enable automatic scanning of new links, so your social profile is secured.

Stops spam at the door

Norton filters out spam from your email accounts and email client and can be integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook. If you are using a different email client, then you can rather simply define a message rule in order to redirect spam to its own folder. If an important message is discarded along with spam that can cause all sorts of problems. Norton however does not toss out one single significant communication, either personal or secondary. That's a good start! A bit of spam got through to us, but in the initial phase the behavioural spam filter needs a chance to get used to the kind of spam a specific recipient is exposed to.

Intelligent firewall 24/7

Norton Security's firewall is a smart and silent firewall with fine protection. As a start, it kept secret all the system's connection ports and was, according to, able to withstand all internet-based attacks that their test directed against it. This is important, but it is only the baseline, because the built-in firewall in Microsoft Windows can in principle do the same - though probably not with the same success rate.

But as Firewall, it also checks in which way programs have permission to use the network and the internet connection. It automatically configures permission for known, trusted programs that are identified in the comprehensive Norton Insight database. Naturally it blocks the notorious and harmful programs as soon as they have been detected. When it encounters an unknown program, it monitors its activity and intervenes to block any malicious behaviour before things can go wrong.

Norton Identity Safe

Norton's Identity Safe for the handling of usernames and passwords has a simple look and some minor changes in terms of features. You can now add comments to security-copied credit cards and other items, perhaps to remind yourself of credit limits, etc. And the CCV code on the back side of the card is no longer stored - for security reasons.

Identity Safe offers to import and store passwords that are stored insecurely on your browser. The module synchronizes passwords through your Norton Account, so they are available on all your computers and devices. A separate master password, different from your Norton Account password, is required.

Local and online backup

Norton Backup is a complete solution for backup copying. If you simply accept the default settings, then it back up copies your photos, music, documents, internet favourites and selected folders to a secure, online storage - and it does this automatically when your system is inoperative. You get a full 25 GB of storage to be shared between your devices.

Optimizing performance

Norton Security includes a number of features aimed at improving your computer's or device's performance. The file clean-up module quickly removes temporary files used by Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer. A module for managing computer start-up reports on all programs that run at startup, including the general usage of each and the level of its usage of system resources. You can always disable any item for during start-up or set it to start after a pause and on a delay, which optimizes the computer start up time.

About your subscription

Please be aware that the renewal of the product waives any time remaining on your current subscription. Therefore, you must wait to activate the new license just before the expiration date. Please be aware that the backup portion does not work on Mac OS and IOS. It is only security against theft which you get for your iOS devices. We recommend NOT to buy the product if it is only to be used on iOS.


- Product: Norton Security Premium
- Media: Electronic Software Download (ESD)
- Licence: 10 devices
- Duration: 12 months
- Languages: English


Minimum operating systems (Windows): Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10

- 1 GHz processor
- 2 GB RAM
- 300 MB available free hard disk space

Minimum operating systems (Macintosh): Norton Security for Mac OS X will only support the latest and two previous versions of the Mac OS X operating system

- Intel Core 2 Duo, core i3, Core i5, core i7, or Xeon processor
- 2 GB RAM
- 300 MB available free hard disk space

Minimum operating systems (Android + iOS): Android 4.0.3 or later, iOS 8.0 or later
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£22.00 VAT 20% Included
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Language: English

Manufacturer: Norton

License: 10 Devices

Plattform: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android