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Windows 7 Professional

We distribute this version of Windows 7 Professional as an "Electronic Download" to be installed with a USB drive or an installation DVD, which is easily created in about 10-15 min.

This version of Windows 7 Professional will be delivered electronically by email and you will therefore not receive a physical DVD. You will receive a detailed installation guide that shows how to perform the installation via USB drive or by copying the installation file to a DVD, with which you install Windows 7.

As the name indicates, the Professional edition of Windows 7 is first and foremost aimed at businesses, but it also contains some features that will appeal to ordinary computer users, thanks to several new features that can be used to the fullest by those who are looking for more functionality than in Windows 7 Home Premium.

The full version of Backup and Restore Center enables you to back up both personal and system files, as well as to schedule backups (Windows 7 Home Premium allows only for manually backing up personal files). Beyond that, the Encrypting File System feature, which adds an additional layer of protection for sensitive files, using complex algorithms that are virtually impossible to hack and thus gain access to for unauthorized persons, is also provided.

However, the most interesting feature may just be Windows XP Mode. This is a smart, virtual machine which helps to run a copy of Windows XP in parallel with Windows 7 Professional on your computer. You will be able to do this if you want to, but it is capable of sharing the Start Menu in Windows 7 and also of sharing file types. Simply be aware that if you are running Windows 7 Professional, you will need to download Microsoft Virtual PC (free download) separately to use Windows XP Mode.

Please also note that the great advantage that Windows XP Mode has over software like Virtual Box and VMware is that it includes a license for Windows XP.

Common users will also be able to enjoy other functions, including the Presentation Mode, which can reset your computer background image to a standard image, specify a preset volume level and prevent your screen saver from appearing - it is a simple task to configure your computer for use at the office in the organization.

Unlike Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional can also collect a domain (a useful feature if your computer is controlled centrally by an IT department that uses a domain).


- Product: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1
- Media: Electronic Software Download (ESD)
- Licence: 1 computer
- Operating system: none
- Languages: English


- 1 GHz processor
- 2 GB RAM
- 20 GB hard drive space
Electronic Download - Delivered via Email
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The product is delivered electronically. You will receive an email with a download link and a license key for the software. Delivery time is usually 5-10 minutes, but can take up to 24 hours to complete. There are no shipping charges for the delivery of this order.

Language: English

Manufacturer: Microsoft

License: 1 PC

Validity: Lifetime