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Microsoft Windows 10 Professional - 32-bit/64-bit (Retail)

This is the professional version of Windows 10, and it contains more features than Windows 10 Home. It is suitable for small companies or offices that want to make use of additional features that increase productivity and workflow.

Please note that this edition is also the Retail version, which, contrary to the OEM version of Windows 10 Professional, contains features that make it easier to reinstall numerous times, e.g. if a computer is replaced. The price is therefore slightly higher than the regular OEM edition, which is often selected by private computer uses for non-commercial purposes.

New features in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers a good balance between internal usability, performance, features and some neat new extras. We also believe the upgrading process from both Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers is effortless, which means that the concerns associated with updating previous versions of Windows have been eliminated.

The professional edition of Windows 10 is also the ideal operating system both for professional work, and for users who play a bit of Candy Crush or similar; answer emails; and who basically use their computer for daily tasks, in addition to professional tasks.

Configuring Microsoft’s new version of its 29 year old operating system is quick and easy – it focuses heavily on previous applications and programs that are used a lot, to allow you to quickly shift between work tasks or create synergies between various programs. The start menu is back, which will most likely please those who are used to it from Windows 7.

Microsoft has updated the iconic process line menu with a number of live/dynamic tiles that constantly shift with small chunks of information. News apps will, for instance, scroll through the most recent headlines and updates via the start menu. The same applies to the emails you receive in your inbox, or for instance appointments in your calendar. It might feel like “overkill” in the beginning, but it is actually refreshing with a more lifelike approach to the information you work with on a daily basis.

Successful blend of old and new features

Traditionalists do not need to worry since Microsoft has also included a Windows 7-inspired menu structure on the left side of the Start menu, to allow users to systematically find files, apps and settings. You can also change the size of the Start menu by expanding its corners. This is a fine example of how Windows 10 adapts to the user’s preferences. You can include several live/dynamic tiles in your Start menu, if you find them useful, or make the window smaller to include only the most relevant features.

Microsoft Edge

Compared with the clumsy and slow Internet Explorer browser, the Microsoft Edge browser is elegant and minimalistic in how it provides access to features. It also supports a disturbance-free reading mode for longer articles, as well as the ability to comment and make notes on your preferred websites when using a stylus or your finger.


- Product: Windows 10 Professional
- Media: Electronic Software Download (Retail)
- Licence: 1 computer
- Duration: Lifetime
- Languages: English and all international languages


Minimum operating systems (Windows): none

- 1 GHz processor
- 1 GB RAM
- 16 GB available free hard disk space
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Language: English and all international languages

Manufacturer: Microsoft

License: 1 PC

Validity: Lifetime