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Windows 10 Home

The new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10, has tried to collect the best elements from Windows 7 and Windows 8 – while at the same time, the aspects that frustrated users of Windows 8 have been eliminated again. What remains is Windows 10 Home, a fairly successful operating system with intuitive navigation and great clarity.

Windows 10 is probably the most significant software product that Microsoft has launched in recent times. The Windows 10 operating system is also Microsoft's attempt to convince computer users who didn't like Windows 8 to upgrade directly from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Improvements requested by users

If Windows 10 is not a success, Microsoft has much bigger problems than their failing luck with mobile phones. Fortunately, Microsoft has learned from past mistakes. The Redmond-based company has listened to and responded to complaints from their users regarding the Start screen in Windows 8 and decided to re-launch the Start button, Start menu and added features such as Virtual Desktop, which businesses especially have expressed a desire for over several years. There is indeed something for every taste and every user level in Windows 10.

But let it be clear - Windows 10 won't be a revolution for your computer or feel like your best friend at first glance. As an operating system, Windows 10 is best described as a sensible combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8, with several quite clever enhancements that make your work life, if you will, easier.

Everything from file searches from the Start menu to the loading of applications/programs takes place immediately, with absolutely no delay from any elements of the user interface. Things happen as fast as you click, touch, or type on the keyboard. The Start menu is back, as mentioned, and it includes all the standard programs that you know from earlier versions of Microsoft Windows, such as for example Paint, Calculator, Notepad, etc. - as well as a number of interesting Windows apps.

The Start menu is back!

And this time the Start menu is improved and it also makes your Windows apps more useful. Look to the right and you will notice a list of your most used apps, just like in Windows 7. On the bottom line you will see an "All apps" shortcut and shortcuts to Explorer, system settings and - very conveniently - shutting down the computer or standby.

Microsoft has, on the right side of the user interface of Windows 10, retained the functionality from the Start screen in Windows 8 with the so-called "Live Tiles", or dynamic tiles, that can change size, so that you can instantly check unread e-mails, or check the appointments calendar. The Start menu can be customized - you can change its size and rearrange the tiles, create groups of tiles and you can also return to the home screen as it appeared in Windows 8 if you wish.

The Start menu in full screen is actually intended for tablets, and that is also where it also comes to its best use, but you can also choose to use it on a desktop or laptop computer without a touch screen if you like. As for Windows Phone, it's all about what you can connect to. Instead of simply adding shortcuts for apps, you can connect tiles, which are shortcuts to specific functions or definitive features of your installed apps. It makes work a lot more convenient when you begin to connect the right things. For example, you will be able to connect a specific travel itinerary (typically your daily route, or the like) to a travel app. It saves a lot of time - believe us.

Instead of putting a search box in the Start menu or hiding it completely, as is the case in Windows 8, Windows 10 places it front and center on the menu bar. This is a smart move by Microsoft, because it's always there, ready to take care of anything you need to find or learn about.


- The Start menu is back (hooray) and is better than ever
- A complete upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8
- Cortana is useful and works very reliably


- Tablet setup still has issues
- Regular problems using Microsoft account* for various tasks
- Email and calendar-related apps are not available without Microsoft account*

* Microsoft account is in general very easy to create. Simply create or link a Hotmail or Outlook profile, and in that way you get your own individual Microsoft account.


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- 1 GHz processor
- 1 GB RAM
- 16 GB hard drive space
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