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Microsoft Windows 10 Home - 32-bit/64-bit (Retail)

This version of Microsoft Windows 10 Home is a "Retail" version and NOT the ordinary "OEM", which is generally sold upon the purchase of a new computer. As a "retail" version, Microsoft Windows 10 Home contains some advantages like, among other things, being easier to reinstall in the event your computer or hardware parts are replaced and there is better support provided by Microsoft. Therefore, the price is slightly higher than the ordinary "OEM" version, which is often chosen by private computer users for non-commercial purposes.

New features and enhancements

The user interface in Windows 10 is much inspired by the previous version, namely Windows 8 - but with numerous improvements in usability and security. Computer users who are familiar with Windows 8 will certainly recognize some of the elements of the user interface in Windows 10, and that will make it easy to continue your daily work in this new operating system.

One of the major shortcomings of the operating system Windows 8 was that the "Start button" (which was popular in Windows 7) was not there - Microsoft didn't think it was relevant in Windows 8, but the majority of computer users disagreed because they were accustomed to starting their navigation around the operating system via the "Start button". A large part of the failure of Windows 8 can be attributed to this deficiency.

Fortunately, Microsoft has since gotten wiser, and all versions of Windows 10 include the "Start button". It is functional and can be used as an entry port to the programs or services you want to access in Windows 10.

As it relates to security, Microsoft has with Windows 10 Home implemented a number of improvements which, among others, includes an improved firewall to keep out unwelcome visitors from your computer as well as the ability to encrypt sensitive files to prevent their data from being compromised.


- Product: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
- Media: Electronic Software Download (Retail)
- Licence: 1 PC
- Operating system: Windows
- Languages: English
- Validity: Lifetime


Minimum operating systems: none

- 1 GHzprocessor
- 1 GB RAM
- 16 GB available free hard disk space
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Language: English (other international languages optional)

Manufacturer: Microsoft

License: 1 PC

Validity: Lifetime