This guide will show you how to register your AVG licence key, which will allow you to install or renew your AVG program.


The licence can only be registered once, and if you have already registered your AVG “licence / sales number”, please proceed to the installation guide in section 5 at the bottom of this guide.


This guide covers registration of the following AVG applications:



AVG Antivirus

AVG Internet Security


The guide is based on AVG PC TuneUp. Descriptions and images will vary depending on what application you register.

The registration will only renew your current subscription as opposed to extending it, which means that if you register your new licence before the current one has expired, two subscriptions will overlap.

1. Click the link below to be redirected to AVG’s registration page:



2. Your internet browser has now been redirected to AVG’s registration page.


This is where you enter a few details in the available fields. We will review them here:


Sales Number: in this field, enter the licence you have received in our receipt email.

First name: enter your first name

Last name: enter your last name.

Email: enter your email.

Confirm email: confirm your email by entering it again.

Country: specify your country



Click the “Register” button when the fields have been filled out.




3. You have now registered your AVG application and the accompanying licence to your email address. Under section 3, “Enter your licence number”, you will find the “licence number” that you should use to activate or renew your application.





4. These details will also be sent in an activation email to the email address you have specified. The email can always be resent by using the link below.



5. Proceed to the installation of your AVG application by following the link below.


AVG PC TuneUp, Antivirus and Internet Security will be installed on your Windows computer.


If you have already installed AVG and only need to activate/renew your current subscription, you can follow the link to the application in question below.


 How to install AVG on your computer