In this guide we will show you how to download and install your Avast product on your Windows-based computer.


This installation guide covers the following products:


Avast Pro Antivirus

Avast Internet Security


NB: If you already have an antivirus product installed, then we encourage you to uninstall it before you continue with this guide to avoid conflicts!



1. Please refer to order invoice you received after your purchase. Below your license the field "Download-link" will display a link to download of the installation file for your Avast product.


Please click this link and download the installation to your computer.



2. After the installation file has been downloaded to your computer's desktop, please run it to start the installation.


Before continuing the installation, please be aware that you agree to the "End User License Agreement".


Click the "Install" button to continue.





2. The installation process will now commence. Please wait.





3. You will be prompted to install the "Avast Android Protection" app for your Android phone. This guide will not cover the installation for this free app.





4. Avast has now been installation on your computer. But you still have to activate your license in order to receive the full benefits of the subscription.


In the main window of Avast, please click the link "Settings".





5. Please choose the tab "Subscription" and then choose "Insert activation code".





6. In the field for "Activation code" insert the license you receive in your order email. Click "Next" to continue.





7. Follow the instructions in the activation window to activate your Avast subscription.