In this guide we will show you how to download and install your Panda security product.


If you have not activated your Panda subscription license yet, please do so by following these instructions:



How to activate a subscription license for Panda Security



This installation guide covers installation of the following Panda products:


Panda Antivirus

Panda Internet Security

Panda Global Protection


1. Log in to your Panda account from the computer you want to install Panda on using this link:



2. Below "Your Products", please click on the product you want to install on your computer.





3. You will be redirected to the management area of your Panda product. You can view details about your Panda product such as current status and expiry, as well as how many devices your Panda subscription license covers.


To proceed with the installation, then please click on the small "cloud" button next to "Windows" icon to download installation file to your Windows-based computer's desktop.





4. Depending on the internet browser you use, please follow the instructions to download the installation file to your computer's desktop.


Please allow the download to complete, then double-click the installation file to initiate the installation process (the installation file is usually named "InstallAP.exe").


After the installation begins, please click "Next" to continue.


You will be given the opportunity to choose which language your Panda product will have after installation is completed.


You will also be given the option to install the app "Panda Safe Web". Panda Safe Web is a app that will allow you to browse the internet safely by e.g. blocking malware and ads.


Click "Accept and install" to proceed with the installation.





5. The installation process will begin, please wait.





6. Your Panda product has now been successfully installed on your computer. Please click "Open now" to proceed".





7. You can now operate your Panda product and your computer is now protected against virus and malware threats.





Enjoy your Panda product!


If you need help please contact us at [email protected]