In this guide we will show you how to download and install BullGuard Internet Security on your Windows-based computer.


BullGuard Internet Security requires Windows Vista or later version.


If you have not activated your license to your BullGuard account yet, then you need to complete this by following this guide:


How to activate BullGuard Internet Security


This installation guide covers the following products:


BullGuard Antivirus

BullGuard Internet Security


NB: If you already have an antivirus product installed, then you uninstall this before you continue with this guide to avoid conflicts!


1. Please start by logging in to your BullGuard account from the computer you want to install your BullGuard product on clicking the link below:


If this is a new installation of BullGuard, or reinstallation, on the same computer, then you should skip to paragraph 3.


If you want to move your BullGuard product to a new computer and you have no more active installations allowed by your subscription, then you should proceed on to paragraph 2.


2. If you have no more active installations allowed by your subscription, then you free up an active installation by deactivation an installation for one of your computers from here.


In order to deactivate an activate installation "slide" the green button below "Action".





3. To continue the installation of your BullGuard product, please scroll up to "My BullGuard Account", where you can view all your subscriptions below "My Subscriptions". Now click the "Download" button to download the installation file to your computer.





4. Please wait for the installation file to be downloaded completely. When download is completed double-click the installation to initiate the installation.


The installation will now download the newest updates. Please wait.


Follow the instructions during the installation to successfully install BullGuard Internet Security on your computer.


At the conclusion of the installation you will be prompted to either create a BullGuard account or log in to your existing BullGuard account.


Since we already showed you have to create your BullGuard account all you have to do is to log into your account - type in your e-mail address and password to click "Login".


You have now installed BullGuard Internet Security on your computer.


If you need help please contact us at [email protected]