In this guide we will show you how to add a subscription activation license for either Panda Antivirus, Panda Internet Security or Panda Global Protection to your Panda account.


The license must be registered once and if you have already registered your Panda license, then you should skip to the installation instructions via the link you will find in paragraph 10 - at the bottom of this guide.


This guide covers the registration of licenses for the following Panda security products:


Panda Antivirus

Panda Internet Security

Panda Global Protection


In this guide we have registered Panda Antivirus and therefore differences in text and images will apply compared to activation and installations of another Panda security product.



1. To activate your license, you must log into your Panda account via the link below.


If you already have a Panda account, then please click the button "Log in" and proceed to paragraph 7.


If you do not have a Panda account yet, please click the link "Don't have a Panda Account? Sign up" and proceed to paragraph 2.


If you have a Panda account, but have forgotten your password, then please click "Forgot your password?" and follow the instructions.





2. Please fill out the required information. Click "Create" to continue.





3. Your Panda account has been created. You will see the text "Perfect, you've created your account".





4. Please access your e-mail inbox and open the e-mail received from Panda.


Click the link in the e-mail called "Activate your account!"





5. Please fill out the form with the required details.


Click "Save your data" to continue.





6. You can now add a subscription license for your Panda product. Please refer to the license you have received from us after your purchase.


Please click "I have a code" and insert the license here.





7. Please insert the license into the filed "enter code" and click "Confirm".





8. You have now successfully activated your Panda product license to your Panda account.


Please click "Confirm" to continue.





9. Below "YOUR PRODUCTS" you can see your Panda product.





10. To proceed to the installation of your Panda product on your computer, then please click this link



How to install Panda on your computer