As a software solution, Microsoft Access is primarily designed for single users and small businesses, but also provides many features found in related RDBMS applications, such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database. Unlike most other Microsoft Office applications, Access is only available for the Windows operating system.

Microsoft Access provides visual tools for creating and filling in databases. The program includes tools for automating the work flow in creating online database-driven web applications that are useful for collaboration in regards to data sharing and data organization.

For example, after having created and developed a web application in Microsoft Access, you can send it to a Microsoft SharePoint server or an Office 365 homepage.

Microsoft Access also includes a complete set of tools for database organization, which allows you to develop databases ranging from very simple to more complex. For example, you can generate database descriptions, create input forms and produce reports without the need to write any database code.

Complete Access databases are encapsulated as ACCDB files (or .MDB files for older versions) that can be easily transferred to other computers - something that is not easy to implement with most other RDBMS applications.

The use of databases via Microsoft Access is common in small to medium-sized businesses to for example keep track of inventory records, stock records, customer information and other business data. The affordable price and ease of use means that Microsoft Access is a good choice when starting to catalog your data in order to save both time and money in daily operations.


Main features:


- Functionally-loaded relational database management system (RDBMS) for the Microsoft Windows system environment.


- Provides visual tools for the organizing of database content, records, reports, queries and input forms.


- Provides pre-configured database templates and can use shared template formats.


- Supports import and export of many different data formats. 


Microsoft Access is available both as a standalone software solution, but is also a part of the larger Microsoft Office package. See below the products that contain Microsoft Access:

Simon Sez IT has made a wide range of English-language introduction videos for Microsoft Access which are very educational and highly informative, so if you would like a visual introduction to the various features included in Microsoft Access, then the

YouTube channel from Simon Sez IT is a great place to start.