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Welcome to our step to step guide on how to install a Windows 10 hybrid product on your computer.


The Hybrid-products are available in the following combinations: Windows 7 Home Premium / Windows 10 Home or Windows 7 Professional / Windows 10 Pro.


The difference between a hybrid and standard Windows 10 Home or Pro is that the hybrid products can only be used for first time installation of Windows 10 while the standard products may also be used for upgrades and for activating an already existing version of Windows 10.


Furthermore, the hybrid products provide the opportunity to install Windows 7 instead of Windows 10 should you be so inclined. This is sometimes recommended if you are having trouble with running Windows 10 on the computer in question.


Windows 10:


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It is important that the license/product key is entered during installation as sown in the installation guide as it is registered in the system during the installation process and automatically stores Windows 10 at the end of installation.


If the license is entered upon the end of the installation it will not be correctly registered in the system and storing will not be possible due to this. You will need to reinstall Windows 10to be able to correctly activate the program if the License/product key has not been entered during the installation.





If you were to install Windows 10 Pro on a computer with Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 Home the installation will automatically use the exciting product key integrated in the BIOS/UEFI of the computer and install Windows 10 Home on the computer.


As a hybrid product cannot be used for an upgrade it will not be possible to follow the normal procedure for upgrading from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro. Instead you will have to add an ei.cfg and a PID.txt file to your installation media. The media will make sure that the Windows 10 Pro license/product key you have received from us automatically will be entered during installation. Follow instructions below:



  1. Download and unwrap the ’’ file from the link below on your computer.


2. Open the unwrapped file ’PID.txt’ and rewrite the line Value=XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX, so XXXX-XX… Is replaced by your Windows 10 Pro product key. Save and close the file.


3. Copy the unwrapped files ’ei.cfg’ and ‘PID.txt’ to the ‘Sources’ file on your installation media. (We recommend you install by USB as it is a lot easier to add the file to a USB-flash drive that to a DVD).




Windows 7:


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There are no reservations about installing or activating a hybrid product when it comes to Windows 7.