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AVG Internet Security - 1 Device

AVG Internet Security is a comprehensive security package packed with useful modules and a prize-winning antivirus technology, which protects your computer against all types of threats - both online and offline.

With AVG Internet Security, you get the following functions:

Online Shield
Link protection
File shredder
Data encryption
Identity theft protection
Two-way Firewall

One of the first things you will notice about this version is that AVG Internet Security has got a simpler and more dynamic user interface. There are less buttons than previously and more focus on the core performance, which is the antivirus software and the protection of your computer. The user interface is very reminiscent of the Microsoft Windows 10 user interface, which is also built up around large icons/tiles that activate as functions or processes.

At the core of the software is the extremely efficient virus scanner, which has always been admired for its precision when it comes to distinguishing between a virus and the "false positives" (false positives are when an antivirus program incorrectly identifies safe data as a virus).

AVG Internet Security also has a two-way firewall, which protects you against attacks via the network and infections via downloaded files, programs and data. The firewall module monitors all active programs and network connections to ensure that malware cannot infect the computer. One significant improvement with this firewall is that it is almost 100% automatic - so you will rarely receive a warning via a pop-up window.

The supplied spam filter for your email client has also been noticeably improved. Whereas previously the spam filter was nothing to write home about, independent tests of AVG Internet Security has shown that it can now reduce the number of spam and junk emails received by up to 88%.

When you shop online or use internet banking, this exposes your information to abuse and theft - but AVG Internet Security ensures that all the transactions you carry out online are secure. You no longer need to worry when you enter confidential information online, e.g. via internet shopping or a payment page. If hackers or cyber criminals attempt to force their way into your computer or steal your information, AVG Internet Security will block their access completely.


- Product: AVG Internet Security
- Media: Electronic Software Download
- Platform: Windows
- Languages: English and other international languages


Minimum operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10

- 1 GHz Intel-based procesor
- 512 MB RAM
- 1,2 GB available free hard disk space

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£9.00 VAT 20% Included
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Language: English

Manufacturer: AVG

Plattform: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10