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Avast Premium Security 2020 - 1 Device

Avast Premium Security is a comprehensive security solution that meets all the needs of your computer system and private life, which require safeguarding to prevent abuse.

More specifically, Avast contains an antivirus module, a two-way firewall, anti-spam for your inbox, an anti-spyware module, and scanning methods for detecting latent threats and potential security holes.

In summary, Avast contains the following modules:

Scanning for outdated software
Scanning for network threats
Scanning for performance problems
Browser clean-up
Remote control
Rescue disk
Password Manager

The features in this version are the same as those in the Avast version for three users. More information about Avast is available here.

The award-winning core antivirus technology in Avast is often recognised with top rankings in independent tests that specialise in security product testing. The antivirus module offers real-time protection (meaning it is active all the time) and various scanning areas are available both to your computer and to movable devices, such as USB and external drives.

One particular form of scanning offered by Avast is boot sector scanning, which scans the entire operating system just before booting (before Microsoft Windows is loaded). This scan ensures that all infected files are removed, which is a fast process.

Additionally, the integrated two-way firewall offers protection against hackers and keeps your online identity safe (personal details) from theft and all kinds of abuse. Moreover, Avast Internet Security also offers protection for your email client via the anti-spam module, an efficient module that stops all the typical spam emails and with the more sophisticated phishing attempt. It also blocks unreliable senders in Microsoft Outlook and POP3/IMAP servers. 

Maximum security for your working conditions are achieved via the virtualisation feature. It goes by the name “Sandbox” and is a place that you can use to open applications or website that you do not trust. In this safe environment, you can open applications and shut down processes without affecting anything outside the safe environment, i.e. a kind of test laboratory.

On top of everything, you have the SafeZone module that you will quickly appreciate, as it works as an isolated browser window for online shopping and banking. Your transactions are protected and your activity is never in danger of being tracked by third parties.


- Product: Avast Avast Premium Security
- Media: Electronic Software Download
- Languages: English


Minimum operating systems (Windows): Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10

- Intel or AMD processor
- 256 MB RAM
- 1 GB available free hard disk space
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£12.00 VAT 20% Included
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Language: English

Manufacturer: Avast

License: 1 Device

Validity: 12

Plattform: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10